Real Bear Breaks Into Home to Rescue Stuffed Bear

Care Bear Stare Photo
Photo via Flickr

Homeowner Mary Beth Parkinson came home to quite a surprise, a black bear had been rifling through her kitchen before it fled the house taking a stuffed toy bear with it. The bear had entered her home through an unlocked door, helped itself to some pears and a bunch of grapes, and even took a few swigs from the family fishbowl. She believes the garage door opening is what scared it off.

The incident took place in New Hampshire but bears have not been shying away from the news as of late. Last week, in Colorado, a bear broke into a car, took it for a joyride and eventually crashed the vehicle. All over a PB and J. In Yellowstone National Park, a bear went on a 4 a.m. rampage, killing one man and injuring two others.

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