Rationality and The Rise of Climatism

With apology in advance to "Religion and the Rise of Capitalism" for our post headline, we have identified a scenario in which opinion leaders will force government to seriously deal with Climate Change. We'll call the scenario "Cool About Climate". And, we've also named the psychology which will drive this scenario: "Climatism." Climatism, is "the shifting, of a boistrously skeptical public figure to a scientifically rational point of view, without ever having examined, personally, the consensus reports of peer-reviewed climate scientists." Happens when it's so freaking hot out or storm-ripped that the skeptic is forced to come up with a proactive sounding position, lest, in failing to do so, friends and followers think there is no wizard left behind the curtain. It's 'be cool or be dissed'.Some pundits and columnists seem already to have succumbed to climatism, while allowing for plausible denial about their intentions. They leave a little buffer with questioning headlines such as "Could The Heat Wave Be A Sign of Climate Change?" (We dunno? Wadjuthink?)

Meteorologists will be the next to fall into climatism's deadly grip. "Tomorrow's outlook - there's a cool attitude moving in." Could be more attention getting than the usual peroxide hair and map-front strut.

With the US mid-term elections approaching fast, expect attempts to save contested Congressional seats with revelatory climatism.

Here's an example that just came to our attention . Now, it's not as if climatism is going to immediately come into force across Christianity's leadership spectrum. No indeed, as this contrary example or this additional one cleanly indicate.

But progress is progress, and we accept it in grace.

Perhaps this fellow will be among the first to have a ginormous 'climatismic revelation', sans environmental sauce on his genetic makeup: a double scientific bypass leading to the truth.

If RATROC was about the "triumph of rationality over tradition," Climatism embodies a new Protestant work ethic, the triumph of Climate Cool over rationality. Cool if it works.