Rarest Flower in the World Blooms in the UK (PICS)


Photos via the BBC

It's one of the (if not the) rarest flower in the world: the Middlemist's Red exists in only two known locations: a greenhouse in the UK, and a garden in New Zealand. Imported to Britain two hundred years ago from China, back when flowers where a luxury item, it has since been exterminated in its original homeland. And now the Middlemist is blooming again--nice looking flower, right?The flower is in bloom for the next couple of weeks, and will be the star attraction at the reopening of the Chiswick House, the BBC reports.


The flower gets its name from the gardener John Middlemist, who first brought it back from China in 1804.


That the Middlemist's Red survives today is conservation success story. "It's the importance of getting as many people as possible to ensure they stay with us on this Earth," Fiona Crumley, the head gardener at the Chiswick House told the BBC.


And though there are only two known instances of this flower in the world, it's widely believed to be a possibility that there are still some being kept in gardens around the UK, unbeknownst to the gardener--it was once sold directly to the public.

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