Rare White Lion Cubs Make Their Debut (Video)

white lion cubs photo

Image via video screengrab

The West Midlands Safari Park near Bewdley in Worcestershire, UK is home to three white lion cubs, who have just been dubbed ready for the public eye. Visitors will get to feast on their cuteness, and with only about 30 white lions in existence, they'll get to see a very rare sight indeed. Check out a video of the cubs at play after the jump.

White lions are so rare because their light color isn't exactly great camouflage in the wild, so not many make it. Zoos, however, breed them and these three cubs are now about 12 weeks old.

The Telegraph reports, "'They're very playful with the other members of the pride. They're just starting to mix with them now.' says Director of Wildlife at the park, Angela Potter."

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