Rare Photos Documenting the History of the Space Race to be Auctioned

NASA Photo collection to be auctioned at Westlicht Auction in ViennaWestlicht Auction/Promo image

Memories from the days when brave men went where no man had gone before are expected to fetch 400,000 - 500,000 euros (roughly a half million dollars) when they go to auction in Vienna on the 23rd of November.

Photos in this collection challenge how the achievements we take for granted ever came to pass. The NASA images of men working with crude upside down buckets on their heads, or even the smiling faces of wives and children at the hearth-side, make the idea of fragile humans venturing into the dark vacuum of space seem foolish if not downright impossible.

But mankind did benefit from that giant step, and seeing our planet hanging isolated like a great blue marble on the cosmic schoolyard asphalt changed our relationship with the Earth, nature, and our fellow inhabitants. The search for our place in the wide universe continues to this day.

We hope if you have the pocket change to acquire this lot of photos, you will make them available for public viewing as well as maintaining them in museum quality archives for posterity. But since that price may be considered stellar by most, the catalog of the photos being auctioned might seem a better bargain for your private collection. The special NASA-photographs collection catalog comes bundled with a separate catalog of the other artwork at auction for 35 euros ($45) from the auction house Westlicht.

You can also enjoy HD space photos released by NASA on the web anytime you need to be reminded of why we need to protect our precious home.

Rare Photos Documenting the History of the Space Race to be Auctioned
The collection of 4600 photos, owned by a private collector, includes photos from the early days of both the U.S. and the Russian space agencies.

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