Rare Blue Flower Discovered Blooming on British Farm

blue pimpernel photo

Photo via jkirkhart35 via Flickr Creative Commons

The blue pimpernel, cousin of the more famous (and common) scarlet pimpernel, was found growing on a farm in south Worcestershire in the UK. But where normally this might send a troop of conservationists hauling out to make sure no plows turn the plant under, this particular farm is actually the perfect places for a rare botanical species. The farm, owned by Martin and Samantha Lole, is a haven for native flora and fauna. Through environmental subsidies, the farmers are able to keep some fields untouched as habitat for flowers, birds, insects and all sorts of life that are being pushed to the edges of livable areas of the countryside. The blue pimpernel has here been safe from the pesticides and crop rotation of intensive agriculture that have caused its decline, and according to the Telegraph, it is one of the rarest plants in the country. While usually hardy, the plants prefer weedy and uncultivated areas -- habitat harder to find these days.

The UK has implemented some incredible measures for preserving flower species, including setting up police patrol for a 100-year-old orchid.

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