Rare American Bird Gets Lost, Winds Up in England

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One tiny American bird has achieved celebrity status among birdwatchers after being spotted for the very first time -- all the way in Europe. Hundreds of folks gathered on a remote field to catch a glimpse of the rare Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, native to the north-eastern US, which apparent got a bit turned-around during its annual migration to Central America. But despite being some three-thousand miles off course, the little bird seems no worse for the wear -- just a little jetlagged, perhaps.According to the Norfolk News, the Yellow-bellied Flycatcher was first spotted on Saturday -- and word of its arrival spread quickly through bird-watching networks. The next day, hundreds of eager spectators hiked for miles to a grove of trees the animal had picked for a home, but it wasn't easy.

"When I heard there was a Flycatcher on the east coast it was almost too much to believe and I had to see it for myself," avid bird-lover, David Norgate, told the Daily Mail. "It was one of the hardest walks I have ever done and I wondered if I would make it but the idea of seeing such an exceptionally rare bird kept me going."

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Dave Wood, the Head Warden of the National Trust, says the bird is in "good condition and seems quite happy" with its new home. And despite the sudden shift in diet, the wayward animal was "feeding well." Unfortunately, however, the US native will likely never meet another American like itself, so he might have to get used to the Queen's twitter, for the time being at least.

After the European detour, the bird is expected continue its migration south, where it will likely end up spending the winter months in Africa -- if he can manage to find his way there, that is.

Wildlife officials suspect that the bird was caught up in a storm on its way towards the warmer climes of Central America. What the 5 inch long bird found instead were the gale-force winds and torrential rain of England in Autumn.

Perhaps the warm reception it received from the adoring crowd is enough to make up for it.

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