Quote of the Day: Tavau Teii on Adaptation Funding


We seek for a commitment by the international community to provide predictable and sufficient international funding arrangements such that the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change have the resources and know-how to adequately prepare for and to cope with the impacts of climate change.

In our view this is critical. As according to recent reports, adaptation funding needs due to climate change will be in the region up to $US80 billion per year compared to a few hundred million dollars per year already available. A huge gap therefore exists between the adaptation funding needs of the poor and most vulnerable to climate change and the total funding available under voluntary contributions for adaptation including from the yet to be actioned Adaptation Fund."

—Tavau Teii, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Tuvalu at the high-level event on climate change held at the United Nations on 24 Sept. 2007