Quote of the Day: After the Credit Crunch, the Rainforest Crunch

Andrew Mitchell of Global Canopy Programme photo

Protecting Biodiversity
The Economist recently had a great piece about the loss of biodiversity around the world. It seems like all families of life are at risk: Mammals, amphibians, reptilians, birds, fishes, etc. Forests need help too. According to Andrew Mitchell of Global Canopy Programme:

"Rainforests work as a giant natural utility company. If we don't start paying for it, we will get cut off. Instead of simply preventing the next global credit crunch, it is time to start thinking about averting the rainforest crunch as well."

Andrew Mitchell of Global Canopy Programme photo

Global Canopy Programme
You can learn more about Global Canopy Programme on their website:

The Global Canopy Programme is an alliance of 37 scientific institutions in 19 countries, which lead the world in forest canopy research, education and conservation. Our work programmes all aim to define and explore the range and economic value of forest ecosystem services and to share our findings with decision-makers in Government and finance. Time is not on our side as the conversion of ancient forests proceeds apace worldwide. Policy and positive incentive mechanisms based on sound science must urgently be developed to preserve these vital forest utilities for humanity.

Via The Economist
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