Quote of the Day: David Attenborough on our Alienation from Nature

Don't Forget What is Keeping You Alive

"The world is in terrible trouble," Sir Attenborough says. "According to the UN, over half the world’s population is now urbanised. Apart from rats and pigeons, they have probably never seen a wild animal. How are these people supposed to act? How are they supposed to feel it’s worth preserving unless they know what it is that keeps them alive, unless they understand the extent to which we are dependent on the natural world, and that we are doing terrible things to it by our very presence?"

That's part of the reason why Attenborough believes that nature documentaries, to which he dedicated his life, and having the media in general show and explain nature is so important. In fact, I think that even the more fluffy pieces that are just about the wonders of nature and don't explicitly cover environmental problems serve a purpose. Anything that helps people reconnect with the natural world is useful, because a lot of us are really far gone.

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Via Intelligent Life Magazine

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Quote of the Day: David Attenborough on our Alienation from Nature
Sir David Attenborough is Britain's best-known natural history film-maker. He's afraid that urbanization could lead to a disconnect from nature, and that the media can help breach the gap.

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