Quiksilver Initiative

"Surfing ... is faced with polluted water and the destruction of fragile reef systems. In many parts of the world they've already taken paradise and put up a parking lot." So says Quiksilver Europe's CEO Harry Hodge. "The environment needs surfers to play a role in its preservation. We've talked about it for long enough, now we're getting serious". And the Quiksilver Initiative is the moniker they have given this seriousness. It has three basic tenets. That Quiksilver improve their own environmental performance. That they respect the environment through the products they make and distribute. And thirdly an environmental information program be supported via local boardrider clubs. The surf industry giant has set up an internal environment department and has environment information booths at all their major European events. They also note that whatever enviornmentally friendly discoveries they make in their own production processes will be shared with the rest of the industry. The intiative has them collaborating with Surfrider Foundation Europe and Surfers Against Sewage. Wonder what the company is doing outside of Europe? ::Quiklsilver Initiative [by WM]