Quebec to Protect 4.5 Million Acres of Land, 8.12% of Province Now Protected

Photo: Garth Lenz
"Just 5 years ago, the total protected areas in Quebec were less than 1% of the province"
The Premier of Quebec, Jean Charest, along with the minister of sustainable development, environment and parks (now that's a title!) Line Beauchamp, announced that the province would add 4.5 million acres (18,000 square kilometers) to list of protected areas. This brings the total to 135,326 square kilometers, "the size of new Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island combined."
Photo: Garth Lenz

The Montreal Gazette wrote: "The latest protected swaths comprise half of Quebec's Boreal Forest in the northern part of the province, including more land around George River and eight sites in Nunavik."

Dr. Jeff Wells wrote on

But the Premier does not plan on stopping there. Stating that protecting and restoring the economy and protecting and restoring the environment must go hand in hand, Charest pledged to bring the total percentage of protected areas in the more populated and developed southern Quebec to 12%, and to protect at least 50% of northern Quebec as a part of the Plan Nord.

These additional commitments would total more than 250,000 square miles of protected areas.

Considering how much of the boreal forest in Quebec has been ravaged by logging companies, this is very good news. I hope that sustainable forestry practices will become as popular here as they are in some parts of the US...

Via BorealBirds, Montreal Gazette
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