Pushing the Limits of Extreme Nature Photography

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"Extreme photography," Photographer Paul Nicklen says, "is knowing what your personal limits are and pushing past that." If it sounds wild, it's probably because Nicklen is one of several nature photographers—highlighted in "Extreme Exposure," an exhibition at the Annenberg Space for Photography—renowned for his willingness to push past boundaries to capture incredible depictions of the natural world.

The goal, he explains, is simple: "To show people things they otherwise would never see, and create awareness about ecosystems."SLIDESHOW: From Smiling Seals to Exploding Landscapes, Photographers Journey to Earth's Most Dangerous Places For "Extreme Exposure"

"I want my pictures," Photographer Michael Nichols says, "to get to the essence of the savage earth." It's an unsurprising objective coming from someone who has been called the "Indian Jones" of photography. But such statements are not merely motivated by bravado. "if you can show [nature] wild," Nichols explains, "it gives it dignity and strength."

Indeed the photographs are stunning and just as dynamic as the photographers who have captured them. Check out the slideshow, and for even more photographs, visit the Anneberg Center for Photography to see this exhibit and many others.

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Pushing the Limits of Extreme Nature Photography

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