Pump-a-bike: Hop on a Hydrofoil

When you think of a hydrofoil, chances are, it's some crazy missile-equipped, laser guided, James Bond contraption. It's definitely not a human powered vehicle designed to make your next lake party a crazy amount of fun. But that's exactly what the Pump-a-bike aims to do. And despite its goofy riding style, and horribly misdirected name it actually looks like loads of fun...Basically, the pump-a-bike allows you to fly through the water on two sets of submerged wings. A hopping motion on the deck of the craft is all that's needed to keep it skipping through the water. You do need to be moving forward in order for the pumping to work, so sharp turns tend to send you sinking fast. Luckily, the deck is hollow, so you won't sink completely. Take a look at this movie for a view of it in action. The price is $800-1200 depending on configuration and where you buy it from. Next time you think about that gas sucking Waverunner, maybe you'll give this puppy a shot. Thanks to Cameron for the tip. :: Pump-a-bike