Puerto Rico Wants to Feed You Its 4 Million Iguanas

Puerto Rico hopes you're hungry -- and that you've got a hankering for reptile meat.

In a bid to rid the island of some 4 million non-native iguanas, officials from the U.S. Caribbean territory have announced plans to hunt down as many as they can and export them as a food product.

Over the last few decades, the island's iguanas have seen their populations soar after being released into the wild as unwanted pets. Since then, they've caused no shortage of headaches among locals for their tendency to burrow under buildings and clutter roadways, unchecked by any natural predator.

But now, thanks to a plan laid out by Puerto Rico's Department of Natural Resources secretary Daniel Galan Kercado, enough is enough.

"This is a very big problem. We have to attack it. It has impacted structures, the economy, crops and the ecosystem."

From the Huffington Post:

Puerto Rico's Department of Health has approved letting Galan's agency finalize a plan to train volunteers to capture live iguanas and bring them to a processing center for slaughter and distribution to the U.S.

Demand for iguana meat is high in U.S. states with large populations of Latino and Asian immigrants, said Galan, who anticipates having the plan finalized by May. It would then have to be reviewed by several government agencies before it's approved.

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