PSA: Beware of beaver attacks! (video)

Evil beaver
Screen capture Youtube

Evil beaverYoutube/Screen capture

That's one angry beaver...

All right, on the lighter side of things (well, it's pretty serious if you're the one getting attacked...), this video of a beaver attack has been making the rounds, and it provides a good reminder that if you ever find yourself close to a beaver, leave it alone! In fact, the advice applies to all wildlife. You can admire from a distance, but don't do anything that could be interpreted as aggressive by the animals.

This video was shot in Russia by Alexander Targon:

SkyNews reports of a different beaver attack that resulted in the death of a fisherman in Belarus:

A fisherman has been bitten to death by a beaver after trying to take its photograph.

The man was on a fishing trip at Lake Shestakov in Belarus with two friends when they spotted the animal on the side of the road.

He stopped so that he could take a picture but as he approached the beaver it pounced on him, biting him in the thigh.

His friends attempted to stem the flow of blood from the wound but the animal’s bite had severed a main artery and the man, who came from Brest, bled to death.

Via Grist, SkyNews

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PSA: Beware of beaver attacks! (video)
Leave wild animals alone.

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