Profiles of the Arctic expedition

Profiles of the Arctic
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It's important for scientists to study our planet and its ecosystems, but it's also important for what they're doing and why they're doing it to be understood by non-scientists. That's why we think this expedition by Katriina O'Kane and Evan Hall is a good idea; They want to go to a research facility high up in the Canadian Arctic and profile the people there, as well as the work they do and the environment they study. Few of us will have the chance to go up there, so this could be the next best thing, and if it inspires even just one kid to become a scientist and spend his or her life furthering our understanding of Earth, then it'll all have been worth it.

To fund the expedition, they're asking for help on the crowd-funding site indiegogo:

About of Project

We will tell stories about science that is happening at the Polar Continental Shelf Program (PCSP) facility on Cornwallis Island, in Nunavut, Canada (74°41’8” N, 94°53’51”W).

The PCSP is the primary high arctic research facility in Canada, and it coordinates logistics for scientists conducting research about the land, animals, people and history. Summer is a busy period at this facility, and dozens of scientists either transit through the PCSP on their way out into more remote field locations, or stay at the facility for several weeks to conduct their research.

We will be stationed at this facility for a period of two weeks. Working from there, we will profile scientists who travel through or work there (professors, government scientists, students, international collaborators, even an astronaut!). We will also profile other people involved in the scientific community, including staff of the PCSP facility and residents of the nearby community of Resolute Bay. While our work is mainly concerned with profiling people, we will also use the opportunity to capture the surrounding environment, facility, photographs of scientific equipment and samples, and of Resolute Bay.

As multimedia documentarists, we will use a combination of photography, video, and audio recording to capture our stories.

For more information, or if you want to help: Profiles from the Arctic page on IndieGoGo. Note that we don't know these people personally and can't be sure of what the expedition's results will be. We're just highlighting their project because it looks interesting.

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