'Pretty' Pollution Photos Show Depths of Minnesota Lake's Environmental Distress (Slideshow)

mary taffe lake pollution hades photo

An artistic, abstract image of the pollution plaguing Big Stone Lake. Photo by Mary Taffe.
Mary Taffe has lived in Ortonville, Minnesota, on the eastern side of Big Stone Lake, for her entire life. But for the past four summers, her family has been unable to enjoy the lake because of massive algae blooms and horrific odors they believe are caused by increased factory farming activity in the area, which borders South Dakota.

Taffe took photos and made complaints to every agency she could think of -- but to no avail. Frustrated, she turned to art, enhancing and altering the colors in her images of pollution on the lake to reflect the intensity of the change, the smell, and her own distress at what is happening to her local environment.

Pretty Photos of Pollution Show Depths Lakes Distress Slideshow
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