Pollution to Put an End to Endless Summer Days?

blue cruise travelers enjoy turkish coastline photo

The view looks great--for now.

When the days are short and cold, one's thoughts often turn to warm memories of an idyllic summer vacation--or to making plans for the next one. A "blue cruise" on Turkey's Aegean or Mediterranean coast is about as idyllic as you can get, traversing gorgeous coastline on a gület (wooden yacht) with nothing to do but swim, nap, eat, read, and do it all over again.

But future opportunities for blissful summer sloth may be in short supply due to increasing urbanization and pollution, warns Arif Yılmaz of the Chamber of Sea Trade’s branch in Bodrum, a departure point for many such cruises: "If the necessary precautions are not taken, we will not have any coves to host yachts in a few years."The Chamber's fall report estimates that half of the coves from Didim, on the South Aegean coast, to Antalya, in Turkey's Western Mediterranean, are at risk--along with the hundreds of millions in tourism dollars they bring to the country's economy. After all, no one wants to go swimming in sewage, as residents complain they unwittingly have at Gündoğan beach near Bodrum.

Some of the yachts themselves are part of the problem, dumping waste into the sea. Local authorities, which are already trying to collect and treat this effluent, are investigating the possibility of satellite surveillance to catch sea-going scofflaws. Via: "Coves of 'Blue Voyage' facing risk of pollution," Hürriyet Daily News
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