Police Helicopter Chases Bear Away From Joggers With Baby (Video)

bear from helicopter

Screen shot from police helicopter video

In southern Ontario, some of the biggest development pressures are on land around Lake Simcoe, less than an hour from downtown Toronto, with a four lane highway inching north. There are huge fights going on to preserve the lake, to control development. And sometimes you see real evidence that we are pushing into territory that is already occupied, like this afternoon, when two people out jogging with a baby stroller got stopped in their tracks by a black bear in the middle of the road.

According to the Star,

York Regional Police Air Support Unit was patrolling the area and also spotted the bear. Const. Rebecca Boyd says the bear was within 200 metres of the pedestrians. "The helicopter noticed the bear and also saw the pedestrians frozen in front of it," said Boyd. "The bear didn't seem like it was going to attack, but the helicopter flew over to make sure they were safe."

bear beaverton image

I worry when are at a stage where traffic helicopters are looking out for bears. Perhaps we are pushing our roads and cities into places where they shouldn't be.

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