Polar Bear Shot and Killed as American Hunters Cheer (Video)

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Credit: YouTube screen capture.

Don't polar bears have it hard enough, with the impacts of climate change on their Arctic homes? If the thought of a polar bear stranded on a patch of melting sea ice doesn't depress you enough, try this video on for size. It shows American hunters shooting and killing a beautiful white polar bear, then cheering the kill and holding up the bloody carcass as a trophy. Wow. These humans are definitely the dominant species. I hope they feel proud of themselves. Hunting for sport and food is one thing. But it's pretty damn difficult to justify killing a polar bear just because you're rich guy with a rifle. These guys aren't Aborigines.

Shockingly, it's still OK to hunt polar bears, as Brian reported in March. Back then, a proposed ban on the international trade of polar bear skins and parts was shot down at a United Nations Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species. The opposition at the CITES meeting was led by Canada. The United States pushed for the ban because (duh) international trade is damaging populations that are already endangered by habitat loss due to climate change.

The video is apparently from the Humane Society of the United States. The narrator says the footage comes from a commercial hunting video, and features American hunters tracking down and killing a polar bear on Canadian soil. "Yahoo!" one of them yells after their slaughter of the "beautiful, big polar bear." They pay up to $35,000 to kill one.

The video was recently posted at TrendHunter.com: Imagine if polar bear hunting becomes a trend. About 20,000 of the animals are left.

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