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The Plastiki is nearing the end of it's voyage from San Francisco, California to Sydney, Australia after several months on the water. It's been an incredible trip, and Graham Hill was even able to tag along for a good chunk of the trek. But the Plastiki has had an important goal from the very beginning, and now, the crew is asking you for support to meet that goal.

As the Plastiki boat nears the end of its journey from San Francisco to Sydney, David de Rothschild and his crew are preparing for their next part of the mission, inspiring people around the world to save the ocean one MyPlastiki pledge at a time. The time has come to tackle what has been referred to as our "disposability consciousness" -- which is thinking that our waste simply goes 'away' and disappears. It's the same kind of place where unicorns gallop freely through valleys of rainbows, flowers and dancing pixies.The real 'away' in throwaway is here.

It's your street, backyard, playground, or favorite park. It's a creek, river, lake or the ocean; it's the woods where you love to walk and run, or a grassy field where you picnic, nap or read a book. It's the mountain where you ski, snowboard, hike or bike. 'Away' is right in front of you.

Look down; it's on your dinner plate too. Waste, like disposable plastics, is ending up everywhere and in everything, including our food chain.

We have to be honest with ourselves. The ideals of throwaway consumer culture are near-sided and immature; they are a deference of responsibility in the name of convenience. Stiv Wilson of the 5 Gyres Project conservatively estimated that 315 billion pounds of plastic is floating in our oceans. That's from decades of hitting the snooze button and hoping to wake-up in a better future rather than getting up and making simple changes in our lives.

To give people some credit though, many don't know the harm they're causing to the planet. They also don't know what to do differently. There are three actions that can have immediate effects and will help reduce 90 percent of the waste going into our oceans and landscapes.

But we need the blogosphere to help start a cultural shift. We need fixy bikers, buzzband groupies, street artists, hipsters, foodies, environmentalists, economists, lit writers, social critics, trend spotters, gadget finders, diy'ers, political pundits, sport enthusiasts, everyone and anyone who posts and reposts to tell the world--to make this relevant:

We can do without three saboteurs of nature and of life. We can do without three
disposable things that harm our earth and our oceans.

These three things that never go 'away':
Plastic bottles
Plastic bags
Polystyrene foam cups and food ware

Help us kick start our mission to save the ocean, and our planet. We need 12,500 pledges before we reach Sydney. Pledge at
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