Plastiki Completes 8,000 Nautical Mile Journey Protesting Plastic Pollution

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After traveling 130 days and 8,000 miles, the Plastiki sailed in to Sydney earlier today, ending the trek to bring attention to the problem of plastics in our ocean. Headed up by David de Rothschild, the project's purpose was to show that there is no "away" and that our wasteful ways are causing havoc in the high seas, specifically, causing massive trash gyres like the Pacific Garbage Patch. The Plastiki, made from 12,500 plastic bottles, was home to the adventurers -- including our own Graham Hill -- as it sailed from San Francisco to Sydney, and now that it has completed the journey, it's time for the crew to see what progress has been made in promoting the message of minimal consumption and maximum recycling.

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We've been following the Plastiki starting well before the crew began their journey, jumping on the opportunity to learn how the boat was being built -- which alone is an interesting story with both biomimicry as well as ecology at its heart -- and the purpose of the mission.

At the core of the Plastiki voyage was showing that plastic is something to question. In otherwords, while it has its place in our modern lives, we have to consider where we use it, and more importantly, how and where we re-use it. Right now, it is disastrous for our environment. The Plastiki hoped to show both the damage, and the possibilities for sustainable living.

During its time on the water, the Plastiki's crew brought messages about World Ocean Day, and pushed to get people to pledge to curb their use of plastic. It's been an incredible trip, and we hope that the ship and its crew accomplished what it set out to do back in April. And we hope even more that the journey for the Plastiki and advocating for the oceans doesn't end in Sydney.

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