Plant a Tree With Linkin Park, and You Could Win an iPad from the Green Music Challenge

photo treelink chinese Evergreen Pear los angeles
Credit: Arthur Plotnik, The Urban Tree Book / courtesy TreeLink.

Why should you plant trees? For shade and oxygen? Right, but there's tons of other things (like the tons of sequestered carbon) to keep in mind. And if these factoids to follow aren't convincing enough, how about the chance to win an Apple iPad, along with a selection from the Warner Music Group?The aptly named Linkin Park is helping encourage folks to plant trees as part of the Green Music Group Challenge, now on its seventh installment. The contest runs until noon July 16. You plant a tree, or sign up for a tree-planting event, then take a photo, upload it to the site, and hope for the best. The best, by the way, includes the iPad, Warner music selection AND a chance to win the grand prize, a Honda Insight hybrid.

photo Linkin Park green music group challenge
Credit: Courtesy

Here's some insight from TreeLink, which is partnering with the GMG (and Planet Green) to help people find their green thumbs. A state-by-state guide is included on the TreeLink site, along with these factoids:

Energy Efficiency: Researchers estimate that planting three additional trees for each building in the United States could save more than $2 billion in annual energy costs;

Human Health/Social Benefits: In laboratory research, visual exposure to settings with trees has produced significant recovery from stress within five minutes, as indicated by changes in blood pressure and muscle tension;

Pollution Control: Poplar and cottonwood trees can breakdown carcinogenic groundwater contaminants such as trichloroethylene and atrazine into harmless compounds;

Property Value: Several studies have shown that the value of homes in neighborhoods with trees are higher than those of comparable neighborhoods without trees.

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