Planet Hazard: Mapping Air Pollutants in the U.S.

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Pinning Polluters to the Map
The Planet Hazard website takes data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and makes it easy to read by putting it up on Google maps. Because is maps 86,320 polluters, browsing the data can be a bit overwhelming, but you can drill down on specific states, counties and cities, or see the top 10.

Read on for the Top Ten polluters in the U.S. according to Planet Hazard.According to Planet Hazard, the top ten polluters on the national level are:

1 Regional Sanitation Dist

annual emissions: 470,481,000.85
pollutants: 38 sources: 97

2 Burney Forest Products
annual emissions: 452,615,399.90
pollutants: 20 sources: 20

3 Georgia Power Company, Bowen Steam-Electric Generating Plant
annual emissions: 443,124,323.33
pollutants: 75 sources: 386

4 Rio Rancho Facility
annual emissions: 409,126,000.00
pollutants: 20 sources: 61

5 Reliant Energy Keystone Power Plant
annual emissions: 403,284,644.74
pollutants: 77 sources: 198

6 W. H. Sammis Plant
annual emissions: 382,822,785.55
pollutants: 74 sources: 560

7 Allegheny Energy Supply Co/Hatfields Ferry Power Stations
annual emissions: 378,112,509.21
pollutants: 80 sources: 292

8 Bethlehem Steel Corp. - Burns Harbor
annual emissions: 362,134,004.70
pollutants: 67 sources: 1967

9 Reliant Energy/Keystone Power Plt
annual emissions: 359,198,970.89
pollutants: 26 sources: 131

10 Psi Energy - Gibson
annual emissions: 352,794,755.70
pollutants: 88 sources: 594

I think it's great that we're starting to have more and more tools to visualize environmental data like that. The EPA's reports aren't that useful if nobody can understand them, or find what they're looking for. This easy-to-use information allows small groups and individual citizens to get informed and act. Kudos.

Via Planet Hazard
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