Photographer Paul Nicklen Balances Art and Drama at the Poles (Video)

"I think because of my passion for wildlife," Paul Nicklen says, "I like to show people things they would never see." His incredible photography captures the art and drama of life in the arctic but getting these perfect shots is far from easy.SLIDESHOW: Concerned Leopard Seal Tries to Feed Photographer Live Penguins in Unbelievable Photos

It takes patience to get close enough to these animals to make the photographs—and a collection of technology including inflatable boats, scuba gear, and even an ultralight aircraft. Once Nicklen is in range, however, his job has only just begun.

Once he's in position, he says, it's time to "create art." This means that complicated lighting equipment has to be balanced precisely.

The goal, he explains, is to capture a great photograph, "one that takes someone in this very busy world we live in, and it's going to stop them in their tracks. It's going to have all the elements of a beautiful photograph, but at the same time, whether they know it or not, [the viewer] is getting information."

Nicklen's photographs are part of "Extreme Exposure,"—on view at the Annenberg Space for Photography through April 17—a showcase of incredible nature photography that honors the renowned photographers that produced them.

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