Photo of the Day: Polar Bear Plays King Of The Hill

polar bear photo

Friend and conservation photographer Rebecca Jackrel recently went to Svalbard to photograph polar bears. This is one of the images she captured -- and quite possibly my favorite photo of a polar bear ever. Rebecca states about taking this photo, "She was such a good bear... It was amazing to see her walk up that slick ice as if it were just flat concrete. I think someone commented that it showed the advantages of having built in crampons. So true."

I recently posted more photos of polar bears taken by Rebecca on her journey -- they document both the beauty of polar bears, as well as the struggle for survival that these animals face every day.

You can actually buy prints of this image through Rebecca's 500px page -- and you can view it large there, so you can really see how amazing this photo is (our 468 pixel width doesn't do it justice). And if you're interested in checking out more of Rebecca's work (which I highly suggest), you can visit her website.
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