Philippe Cousteau Explains State of BP Spill in 45 Seconds (Video)


Photo via EarthEcho International

Philippe Cousteau, the renowned oceans advocate, has been doing some of the best reporting on the Gulf out there (some of it has been published here on TreeHugger). I caught up to him at the 2010 Clinton Global Initiative, where he'd just launched a student-citizen journalism program called STREAM -- which he discussed further in an interview I'll publish tomorrow. But with the news coming last week that leaking well had officially been declared "dead", I thought it prudent to seek his expert opinion on the current state of the BP Gulf spill -- and where we go from here. Cousteau adroitly sums up the situation we now face in about 45 seconds flat:

And here's Casi Callaway, of the Mobile Baykeeper, an Alabama-based conservation group that has been on the front lines fighting the Gulf spill since day one -- she's also Cousteau's partner in STREAM (Students Reporting Environmental Action through Media). She discusses, from the perspective of a longtime environmental advocate living on the Gulf Coast, how the spill must be dealt with on a local level.

Check back tomorrow for a full interview with Cousteau and Callaway about why citizen journalism is so important in the Gulf, and the many difficulties posed by such a tragic, large-scale disaster.

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