Perhaps the Loveliest Animation of a Whale Decomposing You Will Ever See

The world's oceans are among the most vibrant, biologically-diverse ecosystems on the planet, teeming with life from the shallowest tide-pools to the shadowy depths, and this is true even in death. Sure, few people would ever stop to consider just what happens when a whale dies, but the answer is actually quite fascinating -- particularly when told through the stunning use of paper-cutout animation. The short film above is the work of Sharon Shattuck and Flora Lichtman from Sweet Fern Productions which beautifully depicts how the decomposition of a whale isn't a grim process at all, but is rather a lovely, life-giving one. Via i09 More on Nature in Film: Powerful Short Film Urges Reconnection With Nature, Ed Begley Jr. on Inspiring Nature Films, Carbon Offsets, and More, The Stunning Beauty of Pollination Caught on Film

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