Peacock That Left Zoo for 5th Avenue Flies Home


Photo: Trisha Shears under a Creative Commons license.

Public relations-wise, this one is a mixed bag for New York City's Central Park Zoo. On Tuesday, a peacock left the zoo for an apartment on 5th Avenue (meaning the building's window ledge). And while the bird didn't seem too happy with life in the park, it seems it didn't appreciate the Upper East Side much, either. Yesterday morning, the peacock flew back to its home of its own accord.While the peacock was AWOL, a team of zookeepers kept tabs on it. After a failed attempt to catch it with a net, they settled in to wait below the peacock's new perch, confident that it would eventually return.

At the zoo (and at others I've been to), peacocks aren't restricted to cages, but walk around as they please. Although maybe it's time New York zoo staff start keeping a better eye out, as this isn't the only animal breakout in recent months. A peacock named Peahen flew its Bronx Zoo coop in May, and then there was the infamous Bronx Zoo cobra in April.

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