Partial Lunar Eclipse Today!

NASA full moon photo
Photo via Wikimedia

A partial eclipse of the moon will be visible before dawn on Saturday, June 26th. It will be visible to those living in the western half of the United States, Canada or South America. The best view in the U.S. will be the Pacific States. This type of eclipse takes place when a full moon is partly blocked by the Earth's shadow.

The eclipse starts at 10:17 Universal Time (5:17 a.m. Central Time, 4:17 a.m. Mountain Time or 3:17 a.m. Pacific Time). It will last for over 2.5 hours.
If you happen to miss it--or just aren't awake--there will be a total solar eclipse on July 11th and total lunar eclipse on December 21st. In the mean time, there are plenty of full moons left this year. Below is a full moon calendar by Michæl Paukner [Download Original Version]

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Full Moon Calendar Infographic Photo