Panda Baby-Boom! 4 Cubs Born Within 14 Hours

Baby Panda born in China photo

Everybody knows that Giant Pandas are endangered and that they are -- to say the least -- not very prolific when it comes to reproduction. So it is a very good news indeed to learn that four cubs were born in the Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Centre, southwest Sichuan province, in China.

There are three mothers: Nine-year-old Qiyuan gave birth to a pair of twin female cubs late Saturday, then about an hour later 8 years old Chenggong ("success") gave birth to another cub. And finally, Zhuzhu, also 8 years of age, gave birth on Sunday, all within 14 hours. See here for previous photos of a baby panda growing up (can't get enough of those), and Meet the Pandas at Animal Planet. Via Baby boom at China panda centre

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