Overwhelming Majority of Brazilians Want Strong Forest Protections

amazon deforestation photo

photo: Neil Palmer, International Center for Tropical Agriculture/Creative Commons

As battles both political and literal over deforestation in Brazil continue, with six activists killed in the past month, WWF has some hopeful stats about how Brazilians feel about forest protection. According to a new poll about 80% of Brazilians oppose amendments to the nation's forest laws that would reduce protections for forests and 95% oppose offering amnesty for illegal deforestation.Furthermore, roughly three quarters of people surveyed want the ongoing debate in the Brazilian senate on the changes postponed until more scientific data is available.

In terms of prioritising forest protection or agricultural and livestock production, 85% of people wanted to prioritise protection forests even if meant limiting agricultural and livestock expansion. Remember that cattle pasture cleared from the Amazon is now at least the size of Iceland.

WWF-Brazil's conservation director:

The strong support shown by the public for the conservation of the forests gives the government a good basis for taking strong action to convince senators to improve and perfect the current legislation and guarantee its effective enforcement and the fulfilment of Brazil's commitments to emission reduction goals.

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