Overthrown President Revealed to Have Private Zoo Filled with Endangered Species


Photo via AnimalsWallPaper

The President of Kyrgyzstan was ousted in a coup a few weeks ago, and fled the country to Belarus. After his ouster, investigators swept into ex-leader Kurmanbek Bakiyev's private home. And what they found was, well, weird. Like some sort of supervillain, the president was discovered to have kept a private zoo of exotic and endangered animals right at his home. In his "collection" were some of the rarest animals on earth. According to the BBC,

A pair of snow leopards and two bear cubs were among the exotic animals found in the private zoo of ousted Kyrgyzstan President Kurmanbek Bakiyev. A golden eagle, two falcons, four African peacocks and Indian ducks were also found in the zoo at the family home in the southern Jalalabad region.
Snow leopards!? There are only some 3,500 snow leopards thought to roam the wild, and the president kept two of them for his private enjoyment? Along with seeming pretty wrong, it's just downright weird.

Evidently the former president also kept an African ostrich and Austrian white and black swans in the zoo. So here's a quick little photo tour of what a head of state's weird private zoo might look like:


African ostrich, photo via It's Nature

Asian black bear, via Yoyita

Golden eagle. Photo via Bellevue

Nothing like sitting around in private and looking at your collection of exotic animals, right? Well, the animals are evidently going to get proper care now. According to the BBC, "The prosecutors are considering measures to evacuate those animals for their protection," the prosecutor general's office said. Let's hope so, lest they end up like the unfortunate beasts at a certain Chinese Zoo . . .

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