Outdoor Retailer Winter Market now even greener

How’s about a little organic whole food, eaten off recycled paper products and washed down with environmentally friendly brewed beer, while you listen to an activist singer/song writer perform? Not your normal industry bash, that's for sure. We’ve mentioned before the Green Steps program being launched at the upcoming 29 Jan - 1 Feb 05 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market trade show. Recently they upped the ante and declared that not only will the party be green but so will the electricity to run the show. An estimated 117,109 kilowatt-hours of wind energy will be obtained from Utah Power, under their 100% Green Power scheme. Based on past shows, this should be enough to offset the usual CO2 emissions from such an event. Plus there will be a resource booth and sustainability seminars. Fingers crossed that other industries will follow the example. Via Outdoor Release. ::Outdoor Retailer [by WM]