Organic Lawn Furniture

One of our tipsters, Sheila S., was "tickled pink" at an eco-fair in Fairfield, IA, about a month ago. Why, you ask? Sheila came across a sod sofa on display, however, "it was very freshly assembled so I couldn't test out its comfy factor" she wrote. After doing some research she came across a link to an article, written by its designer Greg Tate. In the article Tate gives instructions on how to sculpt your own lawn furniture and gives some suggestions on placement and supplies. We like "Note: Couch may require mowing" and "During the next few weeks, water your couch often, soaking it thoroughly." For an outdoor piece of furniture that we can soak in the rays and lounge around on, this one seems like it would be pretty ideal. We say "tickled green" is more like it. Thanks Sheila! ::Lawn Furniture for Literalists at ReadyMade