Organic Farmer Killed Mere Hours After Protesting Against Illegal Toxic Waste Dumping

Revolver Gun photo

It's Dangerous Being Green in India
It can be dangerous to fight polluters. This story reminds me of many others that I've read in a book called "The War Against the Greens".

It all started when Challa Krishnamurthy, a 60-year-old organic farmer from Gowribidanur, India, noticed that a local distillery and sugarcane factory was dumping toxic waste on his property. "He had alerted the Pollution Control Board and a dozen agencies including the government and police, but all came to naught." That's when he decided that the only way to fight back was to alert the media. That probably cost him his life. Read on for more details.From DNAIndia:

It was then that Krishnamurthy sought the help of the media on Monday and he had arranged to bring some photographers and press reporters to Gowribidanur. As he was explaining to the lensmen where the factory trucks were dumping the perilous sludge with impunity, a truck driver gesticulated at him with a revolver.

On the same day, a few hours before meeting the media, he was shot. The police has arrested a suspect, but the damage is already done, and this murder will certainly have a chilling effect on others who are in similar situations to mr Krishnamurthy.

Via DNAIndia, PlanetSave
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