One-Touch Activism and Animal Sounds From Wild Calls iPhone App

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Images from The Center for Biological Diversity

Talk about Call of the Wild. A new iPhone app from The Center for Biological Diversity puts the sounds of endangered animals on your cell phone. You can literally hear them howling (or screeching, or singing, or growling) for help. But what makes the app special is that you can respond. The Wild Calls app is possibly the very first app that uses "Push Notification" technology for environmental education and activism. Check out the animal calls you can get on your phone. The Center for Biological Diversity released Wild Calls in order to boost awareness about endangered species worldwide, and to give people an outlet for making a difference right in the moment.

Each week, you get a randomly selected endangered species sound via push notification. You hear what that animal sounds like in its natural habitat. Some of the sounds include the Mexican wolf, Orca and Beluga whales, African elephants, whooping cranes, the Yosemite toad, and quite a few calls from lesser known species like the Peruvian plantcutter, the Coquí guajón rock frog, and the Boreal owl. You can download it as a ringtone, get matching allpapers, or learn more about the species. Plus, you can use the "Wake Up Wild" feature that sets the sound as your alarm clock tone.

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All this is really cool and fun, but not the most important part of the app. Once you get hooked on the sound of a species, you can sign up to get press alerts from the Center for Biological Diversity, and respond to action alerts that push for protection of species, habitats and the global climate.

Bradley Feldman, one of the developers of the app states, "The Center for Biological Diversity wanted to leverage its deep informational and multimedia resources on endangered species to put something intriguing and fun in the general public's hands while, at the same time, increasing public awareness of the importance and urgency of its outreach programs," said Feldman. "Tom [co-developer] and I believe we've delivered a platform that not only allows the Center to reach that goal, but also permits rapid deployment of new features down the road."

Grab the application for free from the Center for Biological Diversity.

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