One Stork's Mind-Blowing, Melt-Your-Heart Long Distance Love Story (PHOTO)


Photo via: The Guardian

My weekend just got better with this adorable piece of good news from the U.K.'s Metro and the Romanian Times.

An ever-faithful stork by the name of Rodan, as named by the Croatian village where he dwells, journeyed 8,000 miles to reunite with his injured lover, Malena. Read on to see a picture of the love birds!


Rodan and Malena. Photo via: U.K.'s Metro

But this wasn't his first lengthy flight. You see, Rodan, and his stork partner have a long-distance relationship. Every year, Rodan makes a spring trip from South Africa back to his Croatian home to see his female partner, Malena, who after a shot by a hunter in 1993, has been since left unable to fly.

This spring was no different. A couple of weeks ago, Rodan returned to his nest in the small village of Slavonski Brod--this time two hours earlier than expected. Who knows? Maybe the sassy stork had plans to surprise his love.

The storks, now celebrities in their village, are celebrated by local residents and reporters who welcome Rodan home every year and keep a close eye on their activities. Not to mention the kind and generous Vokic family who have nurtured and hosted Malena and her nest on their home's roof for all of these years.

As the warm-hearted birds snuggle up, mate, raise their new chicks and teach them to fly--it's a lovely springtime reminder for us humans to love just as deeply, and like the Vokic family, honor and celebrate our local wildlife.

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