One of Only Three Wolf Pairs in Oregon Killed

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Photo via dalliedee via Flickr CC

It's not the happiest news to hear when coming back from a holiday weekend... One of the mere three wolf pairs in Oregon has been killed by wildlife officials. The reason why: They were being wolves. According to Ecoworldly, it's a classic case of wolf versus rancher, and as usual the wolf must lose.

The pair had killed livestock several months ago. Despite the fact that fencing and other efforts had proved completely successful over the last few months to deter the wolves from any other attacks, the ranchers and wildlife officials still decided that the wolves must go.

It's a big set back for wolves in that area, which has a recovery program in place...though apparently already-ample livestock populations are placed in a much higher position of priority than seeing wolf populations recover. The Center for Biological Diversity isn't standing by, however, and are advocating for the wolves that are left:

"Noah Greenwald, endangered species program director at the Center, explained in the press release that losing wolves has far-reaching effects on the environment. The Center has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for removing wolves from the federal endangered species list."

Starting September 1, the first gray wolf hunting in decades began. It looks like wolves are in for yet another long haul before they are allowed to freely inhabit their niche in North American ecosystems.

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