One Man's Mission: Not Throwing Any Trash 'Away' For 365 Days

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365 Days of Trash
David Chameides is an Emmy winning cameraman (you can see the shows he has worked on at IMDB), but he's also a man on a mission. On his blog, 365 Days of Trash, he has been documenting his special year. Why special? Because he decided not to take out the trash anymore.

Read on for more about Dave's experiment.There is No 'Away'
The average American throws out around 1,700 lbs. of trash annually. The best way to really truly understand what that means is to keep it all. It's probably also the best way to convince yourself to consume less stuff.

So Where Does the Stuff Go?
He keeps it all in his basement. All of it. Each days he makes a tally, which can be found on his blog, and he determines what would happen to it (recycling, landfill, etc), before then storing it in the appropriate place in his basement.

What About Food Scraps? Doesn't it Stink?
Dave has a worm composter for the food leftovers. He made a video about it (you can see the basement a little):

How's he Doing?
Time Magazine:

It didn't take long for Chameides to figure out that the best way to reduce the amount of trash he wasn't throwing away was to simply cut back on the amount of stuff he consumed in the first place. Given that his nickname is Sustainable Dave, that wasn't too hard. "I'm a non-consumer to begin with," says Chameides. "After a month or two I became aware of just how little I was consuming." Through about eight months, Chameides reckons he's kept a little more than 30 lbs. of trash — most of which dates back to the first couple months of the year, before he got the hang of not taking out the trash. The average American, by contrast, would have passed 1,000 lbs by now.

We wish Dave the best of luck with the rest of the year! It's a great experiment to raise people's consciousness to all that we're throwing 'away'.

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