Okay, We Know You Love Polar Bears, But Please NEVER DO WHAT THIS WOMAN DID

But... But... I Just Wanted to Give Them a Hug!
We found this video of an unidentified German woman on Born Animal, a Discovery blog. "Police have confirmed that the individual climbed over a fence, pushed through a thorny hedge, and moved past a three-foot tall concrete wall at the zoo. She then jumped into a moat within the polar bear enclosure during feeding time. Zoo staff made several attempts to haul her out of the water, even throwing meat at the hungry bears that were expecting their lunch. They finally succeeding in rescuing her, as you can see in the below video." Weird thing is, this isn't the first time this happens...

"Last year, a man who said celebrity polar bear Knut looked "lonely" hurtled over a water-filled ditch into his enclosure at the same zoo. The 37-year-old emerged unscathed after keepers lured Knut away with a leg of beef."

Despite this incident, the Berlin Zoo has stated that this won't affect zoo policies:

he Berlin zoo doesn't plan to change security measures even after a polar bear attacked a woman who managed to jump into the bears' enclosure last week, an incident caught on video.

"It is already safe," zoo spokesman Heiner Kloes said Monday.

Via Born Animal, Discovery News
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