Ocean Film Fest 2011: Landscapes At The World's Ends Is a Stunning Visual Journey (Video)

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It's not often we get to sit back and enjoy traveling through the polar regions with just music and a compelling set of images. But that's just what filmmaker Richard Sidney allows us to do with a work that encompasses both still photography and video in an unusual set-up... a constantly changing triptych exploring life and beauty of the coldest places on Earth. The non-verbal film is filled with music and scenes that carry you through an experience that is part adventure, part meditation. Check out a short introduction to this unique film.

Landscapes at the World's Ends - Trailer from Richard Sidey on Vimeo.

According to Sidney's website, "Landscapes at the World's Ends is a multi-dimensional canvas of imagery recorded above the Arctic Circle and below the Antarctic Convergence. Filmed during several artist residencies onboard three expedition vessels, New Zealand nature photographer and award-winning filmmaker Richard Sidey documents light and time in an effort to share his experiences and the beauty that exists over the frozen seas. Set to an ambient score by Norwegian Arctic-based musician, Boreal Taiga, this experimental documentary transports you to the remote islands of South Georgia, the Antarctic Peninsula, Greenland and Svalbard."

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The triptych form really is an interesting and beautiful way to portray the scenes we so often see in documentaries. I loved how the three sections were used to set each other off, or blend into a continuous image.

The DVD is available for purchase if you'd like to add it to your nature films library.

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