Ocean Film Fest 2011: Great White Sharks Disappearing Into Soup Bowls? (Video)

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Great white sharks are still a complete mystery, and yet we know that they are also falling victim to shark finning. A recent census -- the first for white sharks -- found far fewer individuals than the scientists expected to count. Could these apex predators of the sea be disappearing before we've even been able to understand them. The incredible short documentary by QUEST (click through to watch) lays out how much we know, and how much we have yet to learn about white sharks. And the more we know, the more we will be able to protect them from an industry that is collapsing shark populations worldwide at a rate biologists are stunned could ever be possible.
QUEST on KQED Public Media.

In the recent census, researchers estimated only 219 individuals of the California great white population. Is this normal, or are we seeing a loss of individuals as shark finning takes its toll? Could great whites really be disappearing into soup bowls in China, or even in San Francisco where fins can be easily bought in Chinatown? Thankfully, Hawaii has outlawed the sale of shark fin soup, and other laws are coming into effect for US waters to protect sharks. But will it be enough, soon enough, to save these important predators?

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Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch

As the biologist stated in the film, it is absolutely shocking at how rapidly the damage has been done. It will take equally swift action on the part of everyone (and more than just messages on the back of busses) to help save sharks, including the incredible great white.

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