Ocean Film Fest 2010: The Great White Shark Song Brings Fun Back Into the Shark Conversation (Video)

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Sharks were a big part of the film fest, and conversations revolved around finning and the massive decline of an apex predator that holds the balance of the oceans together. But not every video at the Ocean Film Festival was serious footage about the decline of the oceans. There was a fair amount of fun to be had, and no other film brought forth as much laughter from the audience as The Great White Shark Song - a music video that tells exactly what a shark might think and do if it found you in the ocean. Check out the video after the jump, as well as a Q&A; from the filmmaker, songwriter & shark junky Andy Brandy Casagrande IV.

While able to have a lot of fun with this song, it does bring up some serious points that humans are a bigger threat to sharks than sharks are to humans, so no wonder they get a little pissed off sometimes! The fun won't stop here - Casagrande has plans to put out a song about finning, as well as songs about other wildlife. Check out more in the interview below.

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