Number of August Days Over 95°F to Triple by 2050 -Washington DC Will Feel Like Orlando, Study Shows

New research coming from Climate Central shows that the average number of hot days and heat waves in August is likely to climb sharply because of climate change. Their projections show that in a large number of US cities the number of days above 95°F is likely to triple by 2050, with the number of days above 100°F doubling:Climate Central points out that this will mean: 1) increased heat stress mortality in humans and livestock; 2) increases in peak energy demand; 3) crop damage; and, 4) increased water demand.

This is On Average, Sometimes Your Summer Will be Cooler Than That
Apparently heading off the inevitable climate skeptic criticism that this hypothetical summer actually had fewer hot days than average, Dr Ben Strauss, Associate Director for Strategic Initiatives for Climate Central, pointed out, "We're talking above estimates and averages. No matter how close the projections turn out to be, some years will have more hot August days and some will have fewer."

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