Now That's What We Call Recycling: Glass Beaches Coming to Florida?


From the "That's one way to handle it" files: having difficulty dealing with the constant erosion of Florida's beaches, officials in Broward County are exploring using recycled glass, crushed into tiny grains and mixed with "regular" sand, to help fill gaps. As melted sand is the main ingredient in the clear and translucent bottles, cups, windows and other glass implementations, it only makes sense that the glass be returned to frolic by the ocean as it may have done in a previous life.

Typically, when beaches erode and need a sand supplement, new sand is dredged up from the ocean floor (this has been done to the tune of about 13 million tons since 1970 in Broward), but with reef preservation restricting future dredge sites, sand is becoming more and more scarce, leading to this new recycling idea. Though it'd be new to Florida, glass beaches have been used on Lake Hood in New Zealand and on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao. Is there anything recycling can't do? We daresay no! ::Wired News

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