Norway's Plans to Kill Wolves Reveals Lack of Environmental Values

George Monbiot's latest column blasts Norway for its plans for culling wolves, and lifts the veil of the common global view that Norway has the environment's best interests at heart.

But what I am about to relate cuts to the heart of Norway's image as a broadminded, liberal, green nation. It repudiates those advertisements emphasising the country's natural beauty and astonishing wildlife and suggests that the sensibilities of Norway's current political class are no more sophisticated than those of the frontiersmen of the wild west in the late 19th century.

Monbiot discusses not only the plans for culling wolves but also the treatment of other Red List animals such as brown bears and golden eagles, making the point that the current treatment of predators is barbaric and the perception of them as a threat is overblown, even backwards.

Strong words and a potent read.

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