Nokia's New Website Helps Globetrotters Travel Green


Nokia has a great green travel resource that is up in beta mode called Green Explorer. It is geared specifically for people who want to travel in an eco-friendly fashion and provide their own travel tips, and the site has quite a few features that can make it a top resource when it comes out of beta. Green Explorer has been up and running since the beginning of December. It features travel news, eco-centered information about destinations, tips from fellow green travelers, easy carbon offsets, mobile device access, and loads more.

Nokia is adding this service not because they make any money off it, nor because it ties in very strongly with their mobile device manufacturing. They're adding it because it's the right thing to do. The company is working to come up with many services like this that focus on the environment.

nokia green explorer helsinki image

Green Explorer is still very, very much in beta mode, with lots of quirks and incomplete information on the site. It has a long way to go before the content is really solid - but that's where you come in! The company is encouraging everyone to sign up and start inputting information about their areas. You can add in tips and advice for green travelers coming to your town, or for places you discovered while visiting other cities. The tips content is very much user generated, while the statistics content is gathered from the EPA and similar sources.

In time, Green Explorer could become a great reference for travelers both online and on the go with mobile devices.

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