NOAA's new interactive map shows all the vegetation on the planet

noaa vegetation map image
Public Domain NOAA

Thanks to the NASA/NOAA Suomi NPP satellite, NOAA has put together an incredible interactive map of the world's greenery. We can now see to an amazing degree of detail which parts of the planet is covered in green and which are bare. The map is thanks to the ability of the satellite to collect 2 TB of data every week -- and that's only the portion of data collected for the vegetation index!

noaa vegetation map imageNOAA/Public Domain

Above you can see the stark contrast between the fertile banks of the Nile River and the surrounding desert. Below is the greenery of the Louisiana coastline.

noaa vegetation map imageNOAA/Public Domain

The completed information can be used for many purposes, including weather forcasting and decision-making for land use practices. NOAA reports, "Pixel by pixel analysis of vegetation changes from week to week give an early warning for the outbreaks of drought, hazardous fire conditions, or even when malaria may break out in Sub-Saharan Africa. Because vegetation greatly affects the runoff, surface temperature, and relative humidity of an area, more complex weather forecasts are beginning to integrate vegetation dynamics into numerical models."

You can check out the map and learn more about the project from NOAA.

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